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Our sexual health practice here in Sydney is now holding weekly Sex After Prostate Cancer Workshops aimed at assisting patients and their partners with treatment and sexual adjustment issues following radical prostatectomy treatment. Special classes have also been devised for men undergoing hormone therapy.

During each workshop, patients will receive detailed instruction as to:

  • Penile rehabilitation treatments including PDE5s, Vacuum Therapy and Intracavernous Injections;
  • Techniques for successfully incorporating erectile treatments (such as pills, vacuum devices and/or injections) into sexual practices;
  • Strategies for addressing and overcoming sexual performance anxiety, stress management and relaxation, as well as training in mindfulness meditation;
  • Strategies for handling urinary leakage;
  • Ways to improve couple communication and emotional intimacy; and
  • Partner involvement in the recovery process, acceptance and treatment selection and partner attitudes towards sex.

Each workshop runs for about 2 to 2.5 hours with numbers limited to four couples at a time.


We have decided to run each workshop with a low-priced cost for attendance. Men can register for $95; partners are invited to attend for free.

Next Scheduled Workshops:

  • May (Booked Out)
  • June

**June – Classes will also be held on a Saturday at the Central Coast location.

For June and July 2015 workshops, please register below or call us on Sydney 9262 9992 we will put you on our waiting list and our office will call you when we have further dates available.

The workshops will be present at our clinic at Level 2, 162 Goulburn St, Surry Hills from 6:30PM to 9:00PM

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